About The Author & Blog

About the Author, Elizabeth Aida Feola:

It may be surprising to learn that I actually an American. Here in the U.S. we are discouraged from focusing on Medieval and Renaissance British history, as there are very limited job opportunities in academia for us. As my obsession can’t be quenched, I am bucking academic expectations and following my heart to study and focus on what inspires me.

I am currently finishing my Bachelors in World History at Arizona State University, and have an Associates degree in Visual and Performing Arts-Music Concentration. Though I am disabled from a neurological problem, I continue to play and teach the violin as much as I can, and I make rosaries which I sell online through Etsy. I live in Connecticut with my husband, two cats named Prima and Stormy, and a dog named Juliet. I am working on a novel about Henry VII’s time in exile from 1471 to 1485, in my available time.

About the Blog:

I wish to dissect our modern fictional accounts, to search and report on the known history. Some of what I do will be reviews, some will be comparison and others will be contrasts. I hope to entertain, but also to encourage audiences to start researching for themselves. I hope to both educate and entertain my audience, and to encourage debate about the differences between historical fiction and the facts they are based upon.

6 responses to “About The Author & Blog

  1. Angela Jones

    I am looking forward to reading your novel! I am Welsh, with a long-time interest in the Tudors, especially Henry Tudor. I studied medieval/early modern literature and history at Cardiff, and my fascination with all things Tudor started there. Best of luck with your work.

  2. I love the name of your blog! Good for you for pursuing what makes you happy. I shall be an avid reader of this blog!

  3. I hope you do some research about what happend to those two little princes in the tower. Would RichardIII realy kill his nephews? I tend to think Margeret Beaufort had something to do with it.

  4. Simon Payne

    I’m a direct descendant of Roland De Velville and im always looking to see people’s view on his status within the Tudor court. Im biased but everything I have read does tend to suggest a relationship with both Henry VII and Henry VIII that can only be explained by there being some very close connection and why would they allow this “commoner” to tag along? It would have been interesting to see how Roland got on with his half brother as Henry descended into his rather extreme later life.

    • Keep in mind that Roland died in 1535. Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536, following the accident that we largely believe gave Henry the concussion that so drastically changed Henry’s personality. I’ve questioned whether the reason Henry went so crazy towards the end of his life was because Roland was no longer there to give him balance.

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