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The Lancastrian Succession after 1471

I always appreciate Nathan’s work. He’s one of my kindred spirits, in terms of the history and the stories of Henry VII and the Tudor line. Please check out the rest of his blog.

A consequence of the first half of the Wars of the Roses, or Wars of the Cousins to give its contemporary term, is that Henry Tudor was recognised as an heir of the House of Lancaster after 1471 and was able to use such an acknowledgement to help propel himself onto the throne in 1485. It is often recorded that his hereditary claim was so weak that he astutely claimed his crown through an act of conquest, ensuring he was crowned in Westminster Abbey before parliament convened and before his marriage to Elizabeth of York who was considered to hold a greater claim on behalf of her father Edward IV. The process through which Henry Tudor attained this mantle of Lancastrian heir is fascinating particularly in light of other potential claimants during the late 15th century. It is commonly believed that Henry was the only viable alternative for those of…

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Happy Holidays

To my readers:

I apologize for not posting any new essays for you to read this last month. Our house suffered several losses and it has been hard to overcome. I have several essays that were in the works, and I hope to return in the new year to give you more interesting things to read.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


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